Oscars 2017’s Winner Mahershala Ali for Calvin Klein

 Mahershala Ali tells Calvin Klein what it means to be a man of the moment.mahershala_left_2

To watch Mahershala Ali clown around with Alex and Trevante and Ashton on the set of their Calvin Klein campaign shoot is to see right away what makes him so incredibly special.

“Even after the performance is over,” says Mahershala Ali a few days before he would receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his star turn in Moonlight, “I realize that you still have to service it. I’ll be in a coffee shop and someone will come up to me and just open a vein…telling me how this struck a nerve for them, what their experience was. And I really try to be present for that. I’m really thankful for that.”

How radical an act it is to reveal oneself to another so candidly, so clearly, that it strikes a nerve. When so much out in the world would threaten us—bodily, psychologically, scaring us inside of ourselves to seek shelter within—merely showing oneself, unguarded, can be heroic. For these four phenomenal actors—Mahershala, as well as breakout newcomers Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, and Trevante Rhodes—whose profoundly brave performances made  Moonlight this year’s tour de force movie, finding their voice on-screen was just the beginning. With the attention and opportunities that will now come their way, Mahershala, Alex, Ashton, and Trevante can properly announce themselves to the world. This is their time to step into the light.mahershala_right_2mahershala_leftmahershala_right_v2

Read more: http://explore.calvinklein.com/en_EU/page/mensunderwearcampaignspring2017


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