John Legend pays tribute to his  wife and daughter in new music video for Love Me Now (Video & Photos)

37-year-old Oscar winner and  Ordinary People hitmaker John Legend has released the visual of his new single, Love Me Now.

He had teased the video to his 22.4 million followers earlier in the week, in an election reflecting post which read: ‘Love is universal. We all need it. We all can give it. And it will ultimately win over hate. I have to believe that.’ The couple are seen kissing Luna on each cheek, as they chill with her between them on the sofa, Daily Mail reports.

The narrative then focuses on contrasting global locations from Domiz Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq, to Orlando, Florida to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic to Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota.

John is then seen singing to his Sports Illustrated wife, Chrissy Teigen, 30 and also their baby daughter Luna.

3a385e9800000578-3928106-image-a-31_1478885955795 3a4694af00000578-3928106-john_is_then_seen_singing_in_the_face_of_his_sports_illustrated_-m-41_1478888729851 3a4694f500000578-3928106-john_legend_s_new_music_video_not_only_features_his_model_wife_c-m-39_1478887556721 3a46953b00000578-3928106-image-m-42_1478888839224 3a46949700000578-3928106-image-m-44_1478888870228 3a46952500000578-3928106-the_37_year_old_oscar_winner_shared_the_full_video_for_love_me_n-m-40_1478888659254 3a46955700000578-3928106-image-m-43_1478888853936 3a46958700000578-3928106-image-m-45_1478888894181


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