YEEZY SEASON 3 = The new collection has just landed

Madison Square Garden functioned as a literal arena for Yeezy’s third season as stoic models stood statue still for ninety minutes while Kanye’s much-anticipated seventh studio album blasted around them.

The effect? To embellish the drama of garments such as the Cropped flight coat. Crafted from foamy drum-dyed lambskin, a turtleneck collar reaches beyond the neck, showcasing Kanye’s flair for couture-like outerwear.

161104_yeezy_hero 343-3005091-kw3m213302_trueonyx_alt01 184-3005091-kw3w115300_earth_alt01 184-3005091-kw3w701400_rust_m 343-3005091-kw3m213302_trueonyx_alt01 343-3005091-kw3m700400_godsun_alt01 343-3005091-kw3m702401_trueonyx_alt01


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