COVER WARS: Meet the new Royals @HalleBerry, #KitHarington, #KanyeWest & More @wmag

W MAGAZINE  annual Royals portfolio features 20 men and women who have certainly earned the title.  #KanyeWest and the rest of the October 2016 cover stars on

 Photo by @Mario_Sorrenti, styled by @Edward_Enninful , hair by @JamesPecis@Johnny.Hernandez.Hair, makeup by @FulviaFarolfi @AaronDeMey1, manicure by  @HoneyNailz react-text: 75 , set design by @PhilippHaemmerle chris

“I’m glad that I didn’t you know come out of the gates with the first thing being some huge critically-acclaimed success. It’s been very nice and educational.” From  #NotAnotherTeenMovie  to  #CaptainAmerica, #ChrisEvans talks about his rise in Hollywood on 


Royalty is by no means an indicator of age. #LynnHirschberg explains why @ElleFanning, still only a teenager, and more where chosen as Royals 2016.


A modern view of royalty #EthanHawke has been an indie film hero ever since #DeadPoetsSociety . 


Meet the new Royals. @HalleBerry was one of the original female stars during the first wave of comic-book movies, when she cast thunderbolts as Storm in the first X-Men movie in 2000, a year before she won an Oscar for Monster’s Ball.  #LynnHirschberg speaks to the selection of Royals 2016 on


To be royal, really, is to be undeniable. @IrinaShayk is the ideal supermodel of now: She is slender but undeniably shapely, during a moment when proportions are constantly being redefined by pop culture and fashion. 


A Renaissance Royal #JodieFoster has overachieved in every facet of the film industry since she was 14. 


“We became fast friends, bonded by our misery.”  @OfficialJLD, one of TV’s funniest women for three decades, opens up about #LarryDavid and going on the journey from #Seinfeld  to #Veep 

kanye kit

We don’t believe that royalty is a birthright #KitHarington was just an unknown stage actor in London before becoming a sex symbol when /react-text #GameOfThrones exploded. 


Through creativity, greatness, and originality, one can be crowned a Royal. TV Royal @RamiMalek was largely anonymous before his mesmerizing turn as the hacker Elliot Alderson in USA’s off-kilter series #MrRobot . 


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