#Instagramcraze: People With Neon Dye Coated Hair Which GLOWS In The Dark 

Would you try it?

It’s the hair & beauty craze that is catching on, as more people are trying on the glow-in-the-dark rainbow locks.304D8F3300000578-3405057-image-a-33_1453134116666 304D8F3900000578-3405057-_LetYourHairFlow_shared_an_image_from_American_dye_brand_ManicPa-m-42_1453207644743 304D8F5600000578-3405057-image-a-37_1453134397147 304D8F4500000578-3405057-Megan_McKay-a-35_1453134185463 304D8F3D00000578-3405057-image-a-17_1453133500335 304D8F6400000578-3405057-image-a-39_1453134415227


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