First Look At Wonder Woman (Photos)

30-year-old Israeli actress Gal Gadot is playing Wonder Woman  in the first ever make of the film.

The upcoming superhero flick will be based around the origin story of Wonder Woman.

So who is Wonder Woman? DailyMail reports:

The character comes from Greek mythology as she was born on this island in the Amazon called Themyscira (where she was known as Princess Diana of Themyscira according to the comics).

Gadot seemed to be very excited about telling the tale of the iconic character’s genesis as she said: ‘We’re going to see her coming of age. Her entire history, what’s her mission.’

It explained by DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns that the Amazons are supposed to protect mankind but abandoned it because they did not see the effort as worth it, thus forcing Wonder Woman to venture into life on Earth. 

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