Do You Love These Tinsel Headphones Which Doubles As A Beautiful Necklace? @tinselwear

San Francisco-based company Tinsel combines jewelry and wearable tech by designing necklace headphones that cleverly hides the earbuds until the wearer decides to use them and it’s really catching on.

This solves the problem of the typical plastic earbuds that look cheap and get tangled when put away, while giving people the option of wearing a tech stylish accessory that has been designed to be seen.
Tinsel is a company run by women, and seeks to redefine wearables by designing products with women in mind. “We want to go beyond the typical ‘make it pink’ mentality that ladies usually get with new tech”, said Aniyia Williams, Tinsels Founder and CEO. Instead, they hope to consciously address the pain points of technology while blending it with an aesthetic that stylish women should come to expect. Their design uses quality materials, such as silver and gold, including cables that are enclosed in metal chains.

“I have a love-hate relationship with my earbuds,” Williams asserts, Tinsel’s CEO and Founder. “I need them everyday, but they live in my purse which is a bottomless pit of stuff that I have to wade through to find the earbuds. It’s frustrating.” Tinsel believes that their product alleviates the pain points of headphones by allowing women to wear them on their body, but without them looking like headphones.
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