Idris Elba + Superdry has arrived – (Photos)

Idris Elba + Superdry

Growing up in the East End of London, fashion was always a huge part of Elba’s life. He believes that the way you dress tells the world who you are. British, grounded and cool – Elba’s signature urban style resonates throughout this collection, there’s not a single piece he wouldn’t wear. Deluxe down-filled outerwear, 100% butter-soft leathers, the finest cashmere knits, and redefined vintage denim meld together to create this premium, quintessentially British winter wardrobe for the Everyman. It’s for men who – like Idris – appreciate off-the-cuff sophisticated style from day to night.upload8092521014078310759 upload3893684313623923379 upload3814382259441618550 upload2546483175043575106 upload1747409641486916418 upload1482939102341272023 upload1311376965816091008 ABOUT-1200-ICS 007 006 005


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