Solange Knowles tags new line- “Word To The Woman” (in collaboration with PUMA)

Solange Knowles  and Puma have joined forces for the 3rd time to release a new footwear range tagged “Word To The Woman”.

The new line is aimed at celebrating women who innovate and redefine roles in life.

15 influential women of various industries were featured in bringing the collection to life in celebration of women and female empowerment.

Solange-X-PUMA-Word-tomg Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Ws Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-CollectionoAugust-2015004 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-swc-August-20150011 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-ssw-August-20150014 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-sssw-August-20150015 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-sss-August-20150012 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-ss-August-2015008 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-sds-August-20150017 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-s-August-2015009 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-dvv-August-20150016 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-b-August-2015005 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Woman-Collection-a-August-20150010 Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-Wj Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-The-ss Solange-X-PUMA-Word-to-



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