Would you join the ‘Style has no size’ fashion campaign?


We think the term “plus size” should be eliminated from the English vocabulary – maybe you can say it in French.

Seconding our thoughts is retail fashion brand, Evans.

Starting from June 2015, the brand will release a line of fashion statement gears promoting the slogan ‘Style has no size’, the phrase would be released on limited edition T Shirts and bags.

The new line aims to celebrate women of all sizes as Evans says plus-sized women are ‘body beautiful’ and crave ‘great style’ and ‘acceptance in the fashion arena’.

What do you think?

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Pheebe Brooks says:

    Reblogged this on smile to the world and commented:
    All sizes are wonderful as long as the individual is happy and healthy.
    By saying plus size, its like saying there is a true ‘correct” size then there is above that. THERE IS NO CORRECT SIZE FOR EVERYONE.

    As long as your a good person… your a beautiful person.


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