How To Start Saving In 2015


Many of us have the resolution to be better with money and to actually start saving but the task of it all eludes most of us. Here are easy 5 steps that is actually really effective in saving money as a student.

Make a shopping list and keep a spending diary

Trains you not to over send or buy things you don’t need when out on your weekly or monthly grocery shopping. Also a spending diary for you to write down everything you’ve paid for to bought in a day or in a week to help you keep track of the money going out.

Instead of going to the supermarket all the time, try get to the market-

Food stuff, toiletries and other household items are always cheaper in the open market or the farmers market compared to over priced supermarket prices. Plus they are fresher too and you get more items for your money.

Buying designers. 

If you have the money, there is noting wrong buying designers products but if you want to save for something very important, you might want to cut out the designer label shopping for now. One way to snap out of it is to think of the celebrities making those designer shoes/clothes/gadget so popular, they are given these items for free most of the time. And then if you can, wait for the sales, it would surprise you to see how easily a £50 dress can become £8.

Compare prices

When you want to get a phone or an electronic device for your house, you need to go to the quality stores and compare prices with other quality stores before you finally make a purchase. Of course this is to make sure you are getting the best deal. If you are travelling by air, book your tickets early and compare prices with other safe airlines for the best prices.

Cook your lunch at home

Imagine how much you would save if you stopped eating out everyday? Cooking and making your lunch in your apartment is not only healthier, its cheaper and more effective. A nice satisfying and balanced lunch packed up in your bag is way better than a meal that wouldn’t fill you up and costs a lot more money.

photo credit: bsulife


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